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Choose Easy Guitar Songs

If you are new to guitar playing or just starting to learn how to play guitars, it is best that you choose easy guitar songs. Remember that playing songs was the real reason why you picked up a guitar in the first place. All the time spent in practice and learning new chords will be useless if you cannot play songs on your guitar.

What is an Easy Guitar Song?

Easy Guitar Songs are songs that you personally know or have heard of before and that they have a minimum of two chords and a maximum of four chords. But these chords should be non-bar chords. Meaning, they should chords that can be done without using a bar from your index finger. These chords are E, A, D, G and C chords. The beat of the song should also be regular allowing the hands to strum the song easily.

Why is Choosing an Easy Guitar Song Important?

As a beginner, you might have been spending a lot of time on your guitar exercise, drills and on learning guitar chords. This may take long hours of practice every day and might get too boring. Playing a song every now and then makes learning how to play the guitar easier and a lot of fun. There is also a sense of joy and satisfaction after playing a song. It helps beginners feel that all the long hour of practice did not go to waste because there are results. One tangible result is playing a full song on a guitar. It boosts the learners morale in practicing to be a better guitar player. Playing easy guitar songs is encouraging and it helps fight frustration over learning chords.

Is it Possible to Have Songs with Only Four Chords?

Most of the songs that we hear on the radio are composed of only three to four chords. They may sound a little complicated but they are not. Good songs use a combination of three important chords. These chords are the Root Chord, the Fourth Chord and the Fifth Chord. The Root chord, also called the tonic chord, is the key of the song. This is where most songs begin and end with. The Fourth Chord is the fourth from the root. It is also called the Sub-Dominant Chord. So if your rood is D, count four chords up, and you find your Fourth Chord to be the A chord. The Fifth Chord is also called the Dominant Chord. Counting five chords from the root, we have G as the Fifth Chord. As you scan some of the popular songs you know, you will notice that most of them use a combination of D, G and A chord. It is just arranged in different patterns.

Choose easy guitar songs. They will definitely help you in your way to becoming a good guitar player. After all, playing a song is the real reason you picked up the guitar in the first place and started practicing your chords and finger exercises.