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How to Choose the Right Accessory Handbag

From top to toe, you have a variety of options when it comes to expressing your individuality through fashion. It's important not to discount accessories, which can make even more of a bold statement than your regular outfit. Although the handbag can certainly be useful, it can also be an individualized way to express your style and good taste. You can play with the season's newest trends, or choose a classic look to tie your outfit together. To get started with choosing the best handbag for your needs, you can first start looking at all the different styles that are out there. Clutch handbags are ideal for nights out on the town, while larger carryalls or tote bags are better for the daytime's needs.

When you are pulling together your accessories, one of the cardinal rules is not to overdo it. If you already have on bright chunky earrings and a sparkly necklace, the last thing you need is a rhinestone-studded handbag on top of that. Instead, if you have bright or statement pieces on elsewhere, you'll want to look at classic handbags such as those in Italian leather. Subtle details, elegant stitching, and a high quality of craftsmanship are the types of features that you should be looking for in a functional handbag.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a statement piece that will outshine the other components of your look, it can be a good idea to look for handbags that have more elaborate details. Beaded bags, bags with fringe, or sequined bags are all ways that you can let your handbag shine in the day and night alike. When you are allowing your bag to stand out, it's best to pair it with a pared down outfit to really let it shine on its own. If you're wearing multi-colored clothing, it can be a good idea to choose a bag in a shade which will complement that color scheme.

This is why many women choose to purchase several handbags, so that they have a selection to choose from according to the occasion and wardrobe choices. It's best to have one small bag for the evening and one large bag for daytime, but within these parameters you could also choose to have a bag that is flashier, and another that is neutral. Basic black or tan are always a good option in the world of accessory handbags, and never go out of style.