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How To Get Flawless Pictures of Sunrise?

In earlier days, taking pictures was a job that called for lot of preparation. Today, it is the domain of digital cameras. Farewell's has been given to camera film rolls and now you just require the click of a button. Not only is the picture taken within a fraction of a second, but if you do not like the picture, you can simply delete it and click again.

However, in the world of photography, a good picture and a memorable one, can be clicked or rather captured on the first take and if that picture keeps people awestruck, then you can be sure that you have earned yourself praise. It takes a lot to be a good photographer. Not only do you need immense patience to capture the moment but also a keen eye for detail and a different outlook is a must. This is essential, particularly if you are taking nature photos or pictures of sunrise and sunset.

Timing is the first and foremost factor in capturing sunrise photos. Since the sun has a mind of its own ... it can rise suddenly out from the horizon at anytime. So a lot hinges upon the photographer to be at the right place at the right time. If you catch the perfect time, you can see the beautiful dawn cracking into a shining and beautiful morning with the sun spreading its different colors over the horizon. With a perfectly captured sunrise picture nothing can surely match its elegance.

The location also plays a crucial role in finding sunrise pictures. For example, if you are in Australia and staying somewhere close to the beach, you will prefer going down to the beach itself to capture some pictures of sunrise - rather than taking it through the glass windows of the bedroom overlooking the beach. Being in the right spot also makes the colors come alive, capturing that perfect sunrise forever.

Once you have established the timing and the location, attention should then be shifted to the right camera equipment for capturing a great sunrise picture. In this regard, professional photographers suggest the presence of a tripod or support as early mornings are symbolic of low light and long shutter speeds. The camera is to be steady in this regard. Filters are often considered important for capturing sunrise pictures. A simple ND grad filter is suitable and it helps to balance the exposure. A sunset filter will also suffice for enhancing the color.

Though not directly linked with sunrise picture itself, the sun also plays a crucial role in creating silhouette effects by placing the sun as backlighting. The photographer just has to decide on the correct position of the sun rising above the horizon and then framing an object as a point of interest in the foreground - for the ultimate impact.

It is true that the sun brings a new day, a new lesson of life to us every day. Like the painter, it paints the entire world in its bright hues every single day and keeping the special morning locked away in time, in the form of a sunrise photo is yet another contribution of modern life.