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Mary Poppins Flies Into Broadway To Continue Her Legacy

Mary Poppins will be flying in, with her magic and umbrella to entertain and delight audiences of all ages on Broadway. From the classic stories of P.L. Travers and the 1964 Disney movie which still today is a mainstay in many older and new parents video collection is set for a run on Broadway. The musical already has become a block buster hit in London where the ever so lengthy word "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" is being uttered from the streets of leaving patrons.

Mary Poppins has enjoyed a long history of popularity ever since the story was told in the hit movie, and for Disney perhaps it is the show which sets the example of family life which the company has been capitalizing on since it's conception. Mary Poppins is a tale of family, an ideal of perfect family in which a magic nanny can fly in and take a family in crisis and fix every struggle of relationship with a smile, some love and a bit of understanding. The two children, Jane and Michael are indeed in need of a "perfect" nanny which they request and their father who is a typical the typical working dad, set to provide for the Banks family through his banking career. Mrs. Banks is a mother who has become overloaded with her household duties and becomes burdened with the strains and hassles of nanny problems.

Flying in with her umbrella as a parachute comes Mary Poppins, the super nanny who becomes set on bringing order to the Banks family and that she does. Fixing and strengthening relationships within the household by bringing back the morals and values of past family functions. Mary Poppins seems almost set on turning Mr. Banks into a family man who can and will spend time with the children, in other words not just be the provider and Mrs. Banks from her seemingly portrayed feminist ideals, back to a women who should take pride and joy in her duties as a mother.

At the heart of the story of Mary Poppins seems to be an underlying theme or lesson, that was being exploited around the time the film hit the big screen. The lesson of being, that society was beggining to see the fall of the family system, one which has worked throughout the history of man. The tale seems to almost prophesied the fall of today's modern family values, in which no one has time for raising children properly and nannies have become a luxury. Perhaps Mary Poppin was sending her warning in which if families do not make the changes she suggests they will only slip further away from where the Banks family had found themselves. In any regards, at least for the Banks family they were indeed able to learn from the heart of this super magical flying nanny and bring their family back to "perfection," a perfection which seems to be becoming more and more lost in today's society. I mean come on, do families even eat together any more? I think the comeback popularity of Mary Poppins will once again touch the hearts and bring an enjoyable experience to families, which is what her legacy seems to have accomplished.