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Rastelli Direct Review

Rastelli Direct is yet another novel network marketing company that captures a segment of the market that has yet to be saturated. Thankfully, it's not another "Me Too" vitamin or juice business, but rather an off-shoot of an already successful meat processing company, Rastelli Foods Group. This off-shoot, Rastelli Direct Gourmet Foods, distributes high qualify gourmet meats, seafood, and heat-and-eat meals through a network marketing vehicle. Let's face it, everybody has to eat, and most people would love to eat 5-star restaurant quality food at very reasonable prices. But in order to get you to appreciate what Rastelli Direct brings to the market, we have to first look at the parent company.

The Rastelli Foods Group was founded in 1976 by Ray Rastelli Jr. as a high-quality butcher shop. Ray's brother Tony joined him in 1980. Together they have created a nearly billion dollar food empire with customers in over 88 countries. Rastelli foods have graced the tables of many a 5-star restaurant, as well as military bases, cruise ships, resort hotels, and other commercial establishments. In addition to Rastelli Direct, Rastelli Foods Group consists of Rastelli Seafood, Suma Trading which supplies military forces and supermarkets around the world with grocery, food, and even health and beauty products, and Rastelli Global which serves as a manufacturer and world-wide consolidator of food products. The Rastelli Food Group provides the infrastructure and support system that gives Rastelli Direct an unique advantage over any would-be competitors. Rastelli Direct has carved out a nice niche within the network marketing industry and are in a position to completely dominate that niche thanks to the Rastelli Food Group.

As its name implies, Rastelli Direct gives the company a direct marketing arm. Rastelli Direct officially launched in January 2010, so this is still a ground-floor "Delicious Opportunity". For now, the opportunity is limited to the United States. Rastelli is able to ship over 175 chef-created food items nationally. Instead of "selling", Rastelli Direct Independent Business Partners (IBP) are encouraged to "share" the products and opportunities with others in this "Earn While You Eat" program.

Rastelli also gives would-be distributors an opportunity to build a viable and profitable business, marketing superior food at competitive prices. In addition to enjoying 5-star restaurant quality foods in their own homes, Rastelli IBPs are able to earn immediate 20% commissions on all retail orders. As an IBP, you can also earn 20% Quick Start bonuses on the first orders of any IBPs that you enroll. All subsequent orders and sales by those IBPs will result in 2-5% residual commissions for as long as those IBPs stay in the business. There are several other ways to be compensated as well. I would suggest that you take a good look at the compensation plan. I think you will be very pleased with what you see.

If there is a downside to this business, it is a common weakness shared by many network marketing companies, and that is a lack of training in how to generate leads and recruit new IBPs. This weakness can be mitigated by hooking up with a strong team within Rastelli or by acquiring a third-party marketing system to help provide a constant flow of leads for your business. Learning how to effectively market on the internet will greatly enhance your chances of having resounding success with Rastelli Direct.